Customized Hydraulic Cylinder for Earthmoving Machine Truck Crane

Product Details

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Customized hydraulic cylinder for earthmoving machine truck crane

Hydraulic cylinder is the most important component in hydraulic systems, it will transfer hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, and is matched with various transmission mechanism, to complete a variety of mechanical motion.Hydraulic cylinder's advantages: simple structure, large output force, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance, wide application.


Custom processing

If you are interested in our products,please kindly provide us the following information or designed drawing with your inquiry for our teams' reference:  

1)Product data

a. Bore size:

b. Stroke length:

c. Rod Diameter:

d. Mounting Type:

e. Mounting length:

f. Paint color requirement.

2)Application Data

a. Type of machine (loader, dump truck, excavator, etc):

b. Type of function (hoist, steering, etc)

c. Type of structure (piston, telescopic)

d. Single acting or double acting

e. Operating Pressure

Packaging & Shipping 

1. Packing: Air cushion film+ Steel Pallet or Plywood Case

2. Shipping: By sea, By air, or By express.