What must be taken into account for safety?

What must be taken into account for safety?

- Before assembly, start-up, operation and maintenance of hydraulic

cylinders, it is essential to observe the notes in the corresponding

operating instructions.

- Always heed the application limits of the hydraulic cylinders. This

particularly applies to the maximum operating pressure, but also

to the temperature, flow speed, resistance to the hydraulic fluid


- It is recommended always to install a manometer or similar for

displaying pressure and, if necessary, suitable safety valves for

excess pressure restriction.

- Risk of crushing - always keep hands and other body parts away

from the working area

- Take care to ensure that the forces from the hydraulic cylinder are

received by the parts to which the cylinder is fastened.

- Use only clean hydraulic oil in accordance with chapter 3.5.

- Never modify a hydrualic cylinder or an accessory yourself (e.g.

adding holes, milling, etc.). Please contact us, if any modifications

are necessary.