OEM Hydraulic Cylinders

OEM Hydraulic Cylinders
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All forged ear rings, proper treatment on Q+T, washing+cleaning, Chrome plating, assembling.

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Rod material

Tube material


Tube cleaning

Chromium coating

40Cr/45# steel Q+T

27SiMn/20# steel


Ultrasonic/high pressure chemical liquid

30-60 micro


-- A lot cylinder fails because of rod scratched by it's machined steel scraps from the beginning

-- A lot cylinders fails because of too thin chromium coating or wrong treatment of hydraulic rod before coating : We treat hydraulic rod properly and have from 30 to 60 micromillimeter chromuim coating for different type or tonnage rate hydraulic rod -- free from chromium peel off or rusting. -- Heavier chromium coating available for big hydrauli cylinders.

-- A lot cylinders fails because of saving 2 dollars on seals to get their cylinders sell cheap and quick not thinking of after sell services. -- We only use proper quality seals, although it cost bit more.

-- A lot cylinders fails because of use lower grade steel and no proper Quenching and Tempering to save 20 dollars in cost. -- We use proper steel and treat steel properly according to ISO standard on hydraulic cyliners.



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Tonghesheng Machinery is one of the competitive manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality oem hydraulic cylinders, and we are also equipped with a professional factory, welcome to buy oem hydraulic cylinders products from our company.
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