Adjustment Method

Adjustment method

1) exhaust adjustment. In-cylinder pressure to (0.5--1) around the MPa, then make the reciprocating motion of the piston rod, open the vent plug for exhaust. Open method: when the piston reaches the stroke end, pressure increases instantly open the vent plug, before returning at the start of immediate closure. Exhaust plug exhaust, you can hear the sound clearly, then ejected white Dingy foam fluid, air exhaust spewing oil is clarified. Exhaust is completely can distinguish with the naked eye.

2) buffer adjustment. In case with adjustable cushioning device, and the piston is in motion, it should first be on the position of the throttle valve in the discharge is smaller, then gradually adjust the orifice size, until the requirement is met.

3) check of all parts of the hydraulic cylinder. In addition to the adjustment of the hydraulic cylinder works, all seals should be checked for oil spills, and installation of coupling parts bolt without loosening phenomenon, to prevent accidents from happening.

4) periodic inspections. According to the use of the hydraulic cylinder, to arrange for regular inspection of the time, and to check the records.