Maintain The Proper Temperature Of Hydraulic Oil

Working temperature of hydraulic system control between º30 ~ 80¡æ. Excessive high oil temperature of hydraulic system of lead: hydraulic oil viscosity, easily lead to leakage, efficiency decreases; lubricating oil film strength, and accelerated wear of the mechanical; carbides and silt people; oil oxidation speed, oil deterioration of oil seals, high pressure hose, such as premature aging. In order to avoid high temperatures don't overload for a long time; note the heatsink, heatsink not polluted by oil, prevent dust adhesion effects of radiation effect; to keep enough oil to facilitate the circulation of hydraulic oil cooling; the hot summer months don't work throughout the day, to avoid the midday heat. Hydraulic oil temperature is too low, its viscosity, fluidity, high resistance and low efficiency; when the oil temperature below 20 c, sharp fragile hydraulic motors, valves, pipes, etc. Warm-up run is needed at this time, when you start the engine, idle idle 3~5min, then at a moderate speed throttle engine speed, handle the device for any action (such as excavators Zhang Dou) to limit position, keep the 3~5min hydraulic oil through the overflow to heat up. If the oil temperature lower the need to appropriately increase the warm-up running time.