Mechanical Engineering Homework To Soft Peace CIS

Construction machinery operation shall avoid rude, would certainly have an impact load, the engineering machinery fault-prone, greatly reducing its service life. When the impact load generated, on the one hand the works the early abrasion of mechanical structure, broken, broken, on the other hand the impact pressure in hydraulic system, pressure will make damaged hydraulic components, oil seal and high pressure tubing connector and premature failure of the press Department of the hose leak or burst pipes, frequent relief valve oil temperature rise. I recently purchased a UH171 shovel, doumen every 4-6 days in the job pipeline to leak or burst. Tubing is a pure product of random imports, after testing no quality problems. Through observation, discovery is doumen open, closed strong impact limited block, door frames. To effectively avoid impact loading: must strictly implement operation hydraulic valve opening and closing not too hard and too fast; avoid members moving to the limit position have a strong shot of working equipment; no shocks feature not working device of hydraulic equipment (such as excavators scoop) lashed the job object for the purpose of breaking. There is a problem worthy of attention: the operator in order to maintain stability. Because each Taiwan equipment manipulation system of free clearance are has must differences, connection parts of wear degree different its clearance also different, engine and the hydraulic system output of size also not same, these factors gives has equipment personality, only using the equipment of operation hand seriously groping, amendment himself of manipulation action to adapted equipment of personality, after long-term job Hou to habit meet equipment personality of good operation habits. Adhere to the fixed system of construction machinery industry, which is also a factor.