Tie-Rod Hydraulic Actuator

Tie-Rod Hydraulic Actuator
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Here at Tonghesheng, we offer hydraulic cylinders in any bore or stroke sizes required.


Tie Rod Hydraulic Actuator Custom processing

We have more than one decade experience in supplying tie-rod hydraulic cylinders with provided drawings or samples, or if you could provide us with below datas:
  • diameter of bore & rod
  • stroke
  • mounting distance
  • working pressure
  • port size

  • connection size

Max.Cylinder   Bore300mm
Max.Piston Rod Dia.280mm
Max.Retract Length3500mm
Max .StrokeSingle   stage cylinder 6500mm
Multi-stage cylinder 12000mm
Max.Working Pressure35Mpa
Min.Working Pressure10Mpa
Working Pressure of Heavy-duty Cylinder40Mpa