TP50 Capacity 5500kg 2 Post Vehicle Lift With Bottom Bar- Electrical

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Product Details

This floor plate two posts lift is composed of posts, carriages, lifting arms, cylinders and motor unit, etc.

It is driven by an electro-hydraulic system. The gear pump delivers hydraulic oil to oil cylinders and pushes upwards its piston. The piston drives the chain to raise the carriage and the lifting arms. During lifting process,the safety latch will automatically and firmly bite with the safety teeth block in the posts. Therefore, no slipping will happen in case the hydraulic system breaks down.

Safety structure



Technical Data

Model type TP50(TP51,TP52,TP53,TP54,TP55)


Capacity 5500kg

Lifting time <55s

Descent time >20s

Max. lifting height 1900mm

Min. lifting height 500mm

Overall width 4028mm

Overall length 3300mm

Power supply 3/N/PE~400V/230V, 50/Hz, 16A

Power 2.2 KW

Noise ≤70dB

Installation place Indoors

Weight 1000kg

Safety catch type solenoid

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