Hydraulic Cylinders Double Action For Agriculture Machines

Hydraulic Cylinders Double Action For Agriculture Machines
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Product Details

Double acting hydraulic cylinder for agriculture machines export to Pakistan.

Technology datas as below:

Cylinder bore:63mm



Mounting distance:550mm

Working pressure:20Mpa

Test pressure:30Mpa

Connecting method:Pin



Our experienced professional engineering staff can design hydraulic cylinders for any application with a focus on safety, reliability, and performance.  THS hydraulic cylinders perform critical functions in many industries, and our design team listens and learns all about each application, so that our hydraulic cylinders will function perfectly and reliably.

we can offer OEM service,please offer us below datas:

a. Bore size:

b. Stroke length:

c. Rod Diameter:

d. Mounting Type:

e. Mounting length:

f. Paint color requirement.

Material     : 
Piston: 45# steel
Tube: 20# steel
Piston rod: chrome plated 45# steel 
Cylinder cap: 20# steel
Cylinder base:   20# steel
Seal ring: famous Chinese brand or international brand