Double action piston hydraulic cylinder for tractor

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A double-acting cylinder is a cylinder in which the working fluid acts alternately on both sides of the piston. In order to connect the piston in a double-acting cylinder to an external mechanism, such as a crank shaft, a hole must be provided in one end of the cylinder for the piston rod, and this is fitted with a gland or "stuffing box" to prevent escape of the working fluid. Double-acting cylinders are common in steam engines but unusual in other engine types. Many hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders use them where it is needed to produce a force in both directions. 

Tractor double action hydraulic cylinders are  manufactured utilizing CNC machining technology, automated welding  processes. Each cylinder  is oil tested then painted as per customer specifications on an automated  paint line. Facilities include capabilities for extended testing of prototype products prior to production.

Providing us drawing, sample or main parameters, then our engineers team can design the cylinder for you.

Material :

Piston: high quality nodular iron or 45# steel

Tube: 20#  steel

Piston rod: chrome plated 45# steel 

Cylinder cap: high quality nodular iron or 45# steel

Cylinder base: 20#  steel

Seals: famous Chinese brand or international brand

Why choose Tonghesheng

1. 15 years manufacturing experiences.
2. Quick and safe delivery.
3. Professional design & technology team.
4. Providing OEM & ODM service.
5. Various kinds of hydraulic cylinders can be designed and produced as per your drawing, sample or specifications.
6. Top quality, reasonable price and best performance.


1.Custom design.
2.High quality parts, bearing, seals.
3.15 years large hydraulic cylinder experience, some of our engineers had worked in this field for 20 years.
4.Competitive price, fast delivery. ISO9001: 2008 quality certificate.