Forestry machinery hydraulic cylinder

We manufacture a wide range of double and single acting cylinders for agricultural and industrial applications 

with various mounting types, diameters and strokes. 

Our cylinders are combined with best materials and %100 tested to give our customers trouble free operations. 

Extra thick hard chromed stages and special design sealing solutions give our double acting telescopic cylinders 

long life cycle and precise working performance. 

A range of quality hydraulic cylinders designed and manufactured to suit today's intensive hydraulic demands. 

Features include:

      ?Hard chromed piston rod for superior corrosion resistance.

      ?Seamless steel tube accurately honed to promote seal life and ensure smooth operation.

      ?Heavy duty internally screwed gland fitted with bronze bearing for extensive cycle life.

      ?Dynamic double acting piston seal giving positive displacement under all rated pressure situations.

Our custom manufacturing services include:

  • Heavy duty

  • Telescopic

  • Tie rod

  • Mill style

  • Welded style

  • Trunion mount

  • Flange mount

  • Clevis mount

  • Position sensor cylinders


Max.Cylinder Bore280mm

Min.Cylinder Bore 10mm

Max.Piston Rod Dia.280mm

Min.Piston Rod Dia.10mm

Max.Retract Length3500mm

Min.Retract Length50mm

Max.Stretch LengthSingle stage cylinder 6500mm

                                Dual stage cylinder 12500mm

Min.Stretch Length 60mm

Max.Working Pressure4500PSI

Min.Working Pressure1000PSI

Working Pressure of Heavy-duty Cylinder7500PSI