Dump Truck Hydraulic Cylinder

Dump Trucks are widely used. Multistage hydraulic cylinder is the key device that it is directly related to the main performances of dump trucks. With Pro/E, the parametric modeling of the three-stage hydraulic cylinder was completed. The supporting stability of the three-stage hydraulic cylinder was studied with ANSYS. The results showed that the forward-pushing design adopted in the three-stage hydraulic cylinder can greatly meet the requirements of the lifting force, shorten the stroke per cylinder, increase the total strokes and guarantee the supporting stability of the hydraulic cylinder. This method was proved to be significant to improving the efficiency of design, shortening the design and trial-manufacture cycle of hydraulic cylinder and reducing the development cost. Meanwhile this method can improve the reliability and scientific of the structure design. It also provides a convenient and practical analysis method for the design of the multistage hydraulic cylinder used in dump truck.