The fourth tip for cylinder maintenance

Service your accessories

The brackets, clevises, rod eyes, ball joints or other connections to a hydraulic cylinder are nearly as important as the cylinder itself. When a pivot pin or clevis is worn, there is excessive slop and play in the joints of the cylinder. This will cause misalignment, which could lead to rapid wear or catastrophic damage in some cases.

If you have a high precision machine, even a few thousandths extra clearance between each joint can cause jerky, inaccurate motion and vibration. When a cylinder is removed for servicing, it is a best practice to inspect and replace the accessories, if needed. A pin is only a few bucks, and is meaningless compared to a thousand dollar cylinder. Just as with other parts of your hydraulic machine requiring lube, grease the cylinder joints on a regular basis to prevent uneven or excessive wear. An ounce of prevention goes a long way.