Optimum Design Of The Structure Of Flange Supported Hydraulic Cylinder By Genetic Algorithms

Aiming at the shortage of the conventional way determining the principal parameters in structural design of hydraulic cylinder,a finite element model of the hydraulic cylinder supported by a flange was built on a new-style servo open-type hydraulic press YS41-60 with nominal pressure 600 kN.Then using the lightest weight of hydraulic cylinder as the optimal objective and using outside diameter of the cylinder(2r_2),bottom thickness(t),bottom transition radius(R_1),flange thinness(h), flange transition radius(R) and outside diameter of the flange(2r_4) as the design variables,the reasonable constraints of the design parameters and stress were proposed and the improved genetic algorithm was adopted to optimize the structural parameters of the cylinder.The results indicate that the weight of hydraulic cylinder is relatively reduced by 41%,and optimization effect is obvious.Finally,the finite element method was employed to analyze the optimal structure by ANSYS software,and the numerical simulations verified the validity of genetic algorithms.