The second tip for cylinder maintenance

2. Inspect your cylinder regularly. 

Have a look at the condition of the rod for corrosion, pitting and uneven wear. Corrosion could signal excessive moisture, either ambient or within the fluid. The latter scenario is worse, as it spells disaster for your entire hydraulic system. Rod corrosion will accelerate seal wear, as friction damages the rod seal and wiper. Pitting on the rod can occur from corrosion, but also from physical damage, which will also lead to seal damage.

Uneven wear of the rod is often a result of misalignment. Side load causes the rod to rub on one side of the bearing, which can prematurely wear the bearing, seal(s) and rod itself. In most cases, a corroded and damaged rod can be re-chromed and/or polished to refinish it. If the rod can’t be repaired, it can be manufactured by any cylinder repair shop. Before re-installation, it would be wise to remedy the problem causing the damage in the first place, or you will find yourself in the business of changing the cylinder often.